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Precision Dice

Precision backgammon dice are manufactured to ensure that all rolls are completely random. Usually, they are manufactured from a durable form of acrylic.-Typically, precision dice are made by drilling each spot to an exact depth. The holes are then filled with epoxy resin or paint. The filler equals the weight of the material removed by the drilling. The corners are also rounded to ensure that the dice are more likely to roll than bounce. Precision backgammon dice will be preferred by all serious players and will be a requirement for tournament play. In simple terms, precision dice facilitate fair play because the dice rolls are truly random. Because the doubling cube is never rolled during play, there is no requirement for it to be manufactured to precision standards.

Link to precision dice and cups.
Ball cornered precision backgammon dice.

Additional advantages

Precision backgammon dice have a few other advantages over standard dice. The perfectly flat surface of the die tends to reduce sliding and last-second flipping. In other words, once it lands on the backgammon board, a precision die tends to come to rest much quicker than a die with indented pips. The flat surface is also less likely to accumulate dirt, as the indented pips on a standard die often do. Lastly, unlike a standard die, the pips on a precision die will not wear off. The paint is almost 3mm thick on the precision dice compared to a few hundredths of a centimetre thick on standard dice.

Care and cleaning

Store the dice in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. A cloth or linen bag within the backgammon cabinet is ideal. For cleaning, a small amount of mild dishwashing detergent and warm water is all that is required. Gently clean the dice using a soft cloth, rinse and then dry. Do not use solvents such as alcohol because they can damage the acrylic or the paint. It is recommended that the dice are cleaned when visibly dirty or after periods of prolonged use. Cleaning will remove dirt and oils that may affect the randomness of the dice roll.

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  1. Shazia Shazia

    Wooden dice are ok for playing backgammon socially, but precision dice are a must have if you are going to play backgammon for money.

    • Jason Jason

      Hi Shazia, I totally agree with your thoughts. I often just play backgammon socially, but if you are going to play a serious game, precision dice are essential. Thanks for taking the time to comment at Deluxe Backgammon, Jason.

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