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Deluxe Backgammon Playing Guides

Last updated on May 14, 2022

Beginner’s guide. How to play backgammon.

At Deluxe Backgammon we have put together a number of playing guides that will help you enjoy your quality backgammon set. We thought we would provide a single post with all of the backgammon playing guides in one place. These guides should be useful for beginners and intermediate players. If you have a premium backgammon set and you want to improve the standard of your play start with these guides.

All of our material has been created based on our playing experience. Where possible we will add links to quality external material to provide an alternative perspective.

Backgammon playing guides. Link to Libra backgammon set.
Playing guides.




Backgammon playing guides from Alexandra Llewellyn.

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