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Artisani Libra Burnham Backgammon set.

Last updated on February 16, 2022

Artisani Libra is an interior design company and only has a single luxury backgammon set in its collection. It is a decorative piece, but not practical for play as it comes. If you are prepared to make a minor few substitutions with the accessories it becomes a beautiful set that you can enjoy playing. In this post, we review the Libra Burnham backgammon set.


Crafted from smooth sheesham wood, the board has a warm coffee tone, contrasted by the deep red and black points inside.  The dimensions of this luxury backgammon set when closed are: 6cm x 38cm x 25cm and open: 3cm x 38cm x 50cm (Height x Width x Depth). It is solidly constructed and weighty. It is not a practical travel set, this belongs in the home. Like all wooden boards, there are natural imperfections on the surface, but this adds to the appeal. It is important to note that the points are painted, not inlaid. It is also a dust magnet, inside and out. Even when this backgammon set has been closed for weeks on end, it still manages to accumulate dust inside.

Artisani Libra Burnham Backgammon set.
Artisani Libra Burnham Backgammon set.


The set includes a single dice cup, which disappointingly is faux leather. We replaced the single dice cup with a pair of Mahogany dice cups from GammonVillage. The dice, which are pleasingly wooden, unfortunately, have straight edges and tend to bounce rather than roll. Both these issues are easily resolved by replacing the accessories with round-edged wooden dice and mahogany dice cups. Another indicator that this is not a backgammon specialist is that it includes 16 checkers of each colour. It is nice to have a spare, but I suspect the additional checker was added to fill in an otherwise empty space. If we look past these minor issues this quality backgammon set is still luxurious.


As it comes, this decorative backgammon set adds a touch of style to a room. The board is of serious decorative quality and with the addition of a few replacement accessories, it becomes a true Deluxe Backgammon piece. RRP at the time of writing £189.00.

Manufacturer’s reference: ASIN   B01CK7HZR6

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