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Dice Cups

Dice cups are included in most quality backgammon sets to ensure dice rolls are truly random. The interior of a professional dice cup will include ribbing to ensure that the dice cannot simply slide out. As a result, it is harder to cheat with these dice cups. Alternatively, the cup may incorporate a lip near the rim to ‘trip’ the dice as they roll out. The dice cups recommended here are constructed of natural materials such as wood or leather.

Mahogany dice cups from GammonVillage. These solidly made mahogany dice cups include a cloth lining. As a result, they are quieter than unlined cups. These were purchased to replace a faux leather cup for a Libra Burnham Backgammon set. The rich dark colours and grains of the mahogany perfectly complement the warm coffee tones of the sheesham wood in the set.

Mahogany backgammon dice cups
Mahogany dice cups

Handmade leather dice cups from Kingsley Leather. These cups were commissioned to replace a pair of faux leather cups for a Jaques of London Mahogany Backgammon set. They are genuine leather, hand-stitched and lined with natural felt. It also includes a custom trip for the dice. As a result, they are the perfect addition to the set. Please read the review of the Bespoke Dice Cups by Kingsley Leather here.

Kingsley Leather backgammon dice cups.
Kingsley Leather dice cups.

Regency Chess Solid Wooden Deluxe Backgammon Dice Cups. These classic lozenge-shaped dice cups are fashioned from Babul wood. The cups have been lined with a deep red flocking for noise reduction.

Babul wood backgammon dice cups.
Babul wood dice cups.
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