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Sets by brand

Deluxe Backgammon sets listed by brand. Our preference at Deluxe Backgammon is for sets made from sustainable natural materials. As a result, most of the backgammon sets recommended on this site are made from wood or genuine leather. Please read our brief guide on what to look for in a Deluxe Backgammon set. We only recommend good quality backgammon sets that we have personally inspected.

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Recommended brands.

Antiques. Backgammon has been played for thousands of years, so backgammon sets have been around for a long period of time. Some of these old backgammon sets survive and are available for purchase as antiques. 

Aspinal of London is a designer, manufacturer and retailer of luxury leather goods. Included in the collection are several Backgammon sets crafted from natural materials.

Dal Negro is an Italian company with its origins dating back to 1756. The range includes wooden backgammon sets made of walnut and maple.

Hector Saxe is a Paris-based, French producer, of luxury gaming sets. They specialise in luxury backgammon sets, utilising fine materials, such as Italian leather. The craftsmanship is superb.

Helena Wood Art is a family-owned Turkish company that produces a range of wooden backgammon sets. They specialise in mother-of-pearl inlays and wood mosaics. 

Jaques of London is a UK-based, family-owned company formed in 1795. Jaques crafts a range of classic wooden Backgammon sets and a compact genuine leather travel set.

Libra is an interior design company, not a specialist backgammon manufacturer. However, they have a single, but exceptional, backgammon board in their collection.

Manopoulos is a Greek company founded in the 1970s. Manopoulos backgammon sets are crafted using traditional techniques and the finest natural timbers.

Noble Macmillan is a British company producing luxury leather goods. It was formed in the early 1980s by Tom Dodd Noble and Adam Macmillan, the grandson of former prime minister Harold Macmillan.

Philos is a German company producing quality backgammon sets from natural materials.

Picket London is an English brand producing luxury leather backgammon sets.

Smythson of Bond Street is a British manufacturer of luxury goods. They include several luxury backgammon sets in their range.

Sondergut is a German company producing deluxe, genuine leather backgammon sets. These compact sets are specifically designed for travel.

The Bone Club is a British manufacturer of modern Olympic or competition-sized backgammon boards. The Bone Club was formed in 2016 and is based in Lancashire, England.

Thomas Lyte is a modern English brand producing luxury leather accessories. Included in their selection are genuine leather backgammon sets.

Uber Games is a UK-based company that imports hand-crafted backgammon sets from Greece. All materials are sustainably sourced.