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Sustainable Materials.

Last updated on April 20, 2024

Here at Deluxe Backgammon, our preference is for luxury backgammon sets and accessories crafted from sustainable materials. This is not to say that everything we recommend is certified as sustainable. We are dependent on the information provided by the manufacturer to confirm that each backgammon set is made from sustainably sourced materials.


Sustainable materials are those products that provide environmental and socio-economic benefits. They also safeguard public health and the environment. This includes the entire life cycle, from the harvesting of the raw materials until the final disposal. Eco-friendly or green materials are other terms used to describe sustainable materials. An example of a sustainable timber could be an olive tree as part of a plantation. The tree has had a long life producing fruit. It then dies due to disease. The timber could then be harvested and used for woodcraft. Another example could be a broken piece of wooden furniture that is crafted into a custom backgammon set.

Characteristics of sustainable materials


The material does not harm the health of people when it is used in products, services and buildings. There may be exceptions to this such as rare allergies. However, the overall intention is that the material will not harm anyone.

Responsibly sourced

Workers who produce the material are paid a fair living wage for where they work. Work is safe and healthy so that workers are unlikely to be injured or acquire a work-related illness. Sales of the material are not used to fund unethical or immoral activities.

Environmental impact

The material has a low environmental impact over its entire lifecycle as compared to economically feasible alternatives. For example, a wood product that is naturally resilient to rot outdoors. As compared to timber that has been treated with toxic chemicals to improve its resistance.

Sustainable timber.


The material should be produced at a reasonable cost. It should also have other properties, such as durability, to make it competitive with alternative materials.



A material is renewable if it is continually replenished. For example, plantation timber, as opposed to a product such as plastic.


A material that can be reused or recycled.


  1. Alison Alison

    What about recycled material for backgammon sets? Are there any out there?

    • Jason Jason

      Hi Alison, yes there are a few websites selling backgammon sets made from recycled material. These mainly seem to be rollup travel backgammon sets made from recycled sailcloth. We haven’t personally viewed any, but from what I can see online they look to be good quality. Simply, search for “backgammon sets made from recycled materials” and you will see a number of sites selling travel backgammon sets made from sailcloth. Thanks for taking the time to comment, Jason

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