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A huge range of backgammon accessories is available. These can be used to replace missing pieces or to enhance an existing set. Here at Deluxe Backgammon, we have a preference for sustainable natural materials. As a result, our accessories tend to be made of wood or leather. Purists will argue that with wooden dice, the rolls risk being biased and that precision dice should always be used. This is certainly the case for tournament play or for matches where money is at stake. Because of our preference for sustainable natural materials, we like dice cups made from wood or leather. All of the backgammon accessories below have been personally reviewed by one of our contributors.

Manopoulos Luxury Olive Wood Burl Backgammon board and accessories.
Manopoulos Luxury Olive Wood Burl Backgammon set.

Checkers. Because of our preference for sustainable natural materials, we prefer checkers that are made from wood or leather. Checkers should be sized to fit the base width of the points.

Dice Cups. Because of our preference for natural sustainable materials, we like dice cups made from wood or leather. Ideally, dice cups should include a trip.

Leather dice cups. Backgammon accessories.
Leather dice cups.

Doubling cube. The doubling cube adds an additional element of strategy to the game.  It is used as a marker with the numbers 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, and 64 inscribed on its faces. The number denotes the current stake in the game.

Wooden Dice. As a result of our preference for sustainable materials, we prefer wooden dice for social play. Wooden dice have a tactile quality that is lacking in plastic pieces.

Precision Dice. Precision dice are for serious or tournament players. These dice ensure unbiased rolls. Precision dice and dice cups are a must if you play for money.



  1. Tomas Tomas

    I prefer wooden dice too, but I am only a social backgammon player. I’m a retiree and play backgammon in the local cafe a couple of times a week for fun, never money. I guess if you were playing backgammon for money, you would probably want precision dice. I really, like the custom made leather dice cups you had made. Great website, lots of useful playing guides that have really helped improve my backgammon.

    • Jason Jason

      Hi Tomas, I agree, wooden dice have more appeal than plastic dice. The Kingsley leather backgammon dice cups are amazing, I highly recommend them. Mine are starting to acquire a certain patina that will only improve over time. We are pleased that the playing guides are proving helpful in improving your backgammon game. And finally, you don’t need to play backgammon for money to enjoy the game, it is brilliant as it is. Personally, I don’t play for money, but certainly for the occasional coffee or pint of beer. Thanks for commenting on Deluxe Backgammon, Jason.

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