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Manopoulos Luxury Olive Wood Burl Backgammon set.

Last updated on April 19, 2024

This is our first recommendation for a Manopoulos luxury backgammon set and we doubt it will be the last. If you want to save yourself some time, skip the rest of this article, and place an order, because it is the complete all-in-one Deluxe Backgammon set. In this instance, we are looking at the Manopoulos Luxury Olive Wood Burl Backgammon set.

Construction and Dimensions

This quality backgammon set has been handmade by the Manopoulos craftsmen using a beautiful olive burl wood with real wood inlays and playing field. Wood by its very nature cannot be free of imperfections and the burl enhances this effect. A burl is an odd-looking growth on a tree. A burl usually grows when the tree is undergoing some stress. The tree’s growth patterns are disrupted and, as a result, it produces wonderful looking bulges and twirls. Grotesque on the outside, but glorious on the inside. The burl ensures that every set will be a unique piece of art.

Manopoulos Luxury Olive Wood Burl Backgammon set.
Manopoulos Luxury Olive Wood Burl Backgammon set.

The burl, with its colours ranging from milky white through to dark honey, creates a mother of pearl type effect on the outer cabinet and the playing field. Brass hinges and clasps are the only other adornment to the outer board. This gives the set a streamlined feel and ensures that attention is not drawn away from the patterns of the burl. There is no handle, but at 2.7kg, this is not a backgammon travel set. The dimensions when closed are: 7.62cm x 47.24cm x 29.72cm (H x W x D).


Inside, mahogany and wenge points have been expertly inlaid into the olive wood burl using traditional marquetry techniques. All of the colours complement each other perfectly creating a stunning playing field. There are convenient recesses at each end of the board to hold the checkers that are not in play. The checkers themselves are crafted from olive wood and fit the points perfectly. This is a nice touch, too often we see beautifully crafted wooden boards spoilt by the inclusion of acrylic or resin checkers. There is also a Manopoulos-branded velour drawstring bag for storing the pieces after play. To complete the collection there are a pair of luxury hand-carved wooden dice cups. The dice are plastic, but this is a minor irritation. This luxury backgammon set is complete, nothing needs to be added or changed.

Manopoulos Luxury Olive Wood Burl Backgammon set.
Manopoulos Luxury Olive Wood Burl Backgammon set.


The Manopoulos Luxury Olive Wood Burl Backgammon set is simply a stunning piece. It is beautifully crafted from premium materials. As a result, we have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this as a Deluxe Backgammon set. RRP at the time of writing is £249.95.

Manufacturer’s reference:          BΕE1


  1. Ollie Ollie

    I have a natural cork Manopoulos backgammon set, but I must say that the olive burl is really striking. If I ever need a replacement, I’ll know where to go.

    • Jason Jason

      Hi Ollie, you can’t go wrong with Manopoulos, they make top quality backgammon sets. Is your natural cork backgammon set the one we have reviewed? I’d be curious to know how well the cork holds up as a playing surface in terms of wear and tear? Thanks, Jason

      • Ollie Ollie

        Yes, it’s the same Manopoulos backgammon set in your review. I got it as a Christmas present in 2019. I play socially, probably averaging 10 games a week. I haven’t seen any noticeable wear and tear as yet.

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