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Uber Walnut Burl Backgammon set.

Last updated on July 3, 2022

This Uber Games Walnut Burl Backgammon set is seriously good looking. It is encased in a smooth walnut burl veneer with a beautiful natural pattern and knotting detail. A burl is a strange-looking, protruding growth on a tree. Grotesque on the outside, but sumptuous on the inside, it can form on any type of tree. A burl usually grows when the tree is undergoing some stress, whether it be an injury, virus, or fungal infection. The tree’s growth hormones are disrupted and, as a result, it produces those colourful looking bulges and twirls on the veneer. The burl ensures that every Uber Walnut Burl Backgammon set will be unique.

Uber Walnut Burl Backgammon set.


According to the website, all of the Uber backgammon boards are handmade in Greece and carved from the finest sustainable materials. The inlaid points are individually crafted into the board, ensuring a high-quality piece because of the smooth playing surface.


The walnut burl backgammon set is supplied with 30 stunning 36mm polished natural olive wood checkers that fit the points perfectly. The checkers are made in a finger-dish design, which makes it easy to slide them across the playing field. As per most mid to large-sized sets, it includes the slots on each side of the board for storing the checkers when not in play. This backgammon set does not include dice cups, which is a shame because a pair of felt-lined, wooden dice cups would perfectly complement this set. The dice and doubling cube are made of acrylic.

Uber Walnut Burl Backgammon set.


The walnut burl backgammon set folds easily in half and is secured with 2 polished brass fasteners. There is no handle, but at a hefty 4kg, this is not a travel set. The brass latches should be sufficient for transporting from room to room. The dimensions when closed are: 7.5cm x 47.5cm x 30cm and when open: 3.75cm x 47.5cm x 60cm.


It is hard to fault this quality backgammon set, but for the lack of dice cups. The use of the walnut burl veneer guarantees that each board will have its own unique character. Purchase some suitable wooden dice cups and you have yourself a Deluxe Backgammon set. RRP at the time of writing, £170.00.

Manufacturer’s reference:         UG 635

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