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Manopoulos Natural Cork Backgammon set

Last updated on May 9, 2024

In this post, we take a look at another premium backgammon set from Manopoulos. The natural cork backgammon set is part of the Manopoulos Premium Collection. This is the first cork board that we have viewed and played on. It is a quality backgammon set that will appeal to those players who are looking for a quieter game due to the softer playing field.

Manopoulos natural cork cabinet.


The outer cabinet has a striking pattern from the natural grain of the cork. The pattern on the board will be unique in every case. Cork as a material is sustainable because the cork tree is not cut down to obtain the material. It is just the bark that is stripped back to harvest the cork. It is not as hard-wearing as some other timbers, but it does provide a softer surface for the playing field which results in a quieter game. The playing field is a combination of dark brown cork with natural cork and grey inlaid marquetry points. The outer board has the checker trays for storing the pieces when bearing off.

Manopoulos natural cork playing field.


The set includes 4 plastic dice and a doubling cube. The checkers are made of olive wood in natural and stained black colours.  There are two dice cups made from an unspecified wood, there is no lining, so these will be responsible for most of the noise during play. There is also a branded linen drawstring bag for storing all of the accessories when not in play.

Manopoulos natural cork accessories.


This premium backgammon set weighs approximately 2.8kg. The dimensions when closed are: 48cm x 30 cm and when open: 48cm x 60cm.


This premium backgammon set is really designed for those who like a quieter game. At Deluxe Backgammon we quite enjoy the sound of the dice as they rattle across a hardwood board. However, we can appreciate that some people require a quieter game and the cork definitely reduces the noise.  The board has the outstanding build quality that we have come to expect from Manopoulos. If you are looking for a quality backgammon set with a softer playing surface it is hard to look past the natural cork backgammon set from Manopoulos. RRP price at the time of writing is £229.

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One Comment

  1. Duncan Duncan

    I like backgammon sets with cork or leather playing fields, the play is a little bit quieter. They do tend to wear a bit more quickly, but if your cork backgammon set lasts a couple of decades of heavy duty play then you have got your moneys worth. The Deluxe Backgammon playing guides are really useful, even for an old timer like me who has been playing backgammon for over 60 years. Keep up the good work.

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