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Dal Negro

Dal Negro.

Dal Negro is one of Europe’s leading producers of traditional board games. They are a renowned backgammon specialist, producing a wide range of boards. The Dal Negro company has origins dating back to 1756, as a factory making playing cards, owned by an Austrian in the city of Treviso. It was acquired in 1928 by the Dal Negro family. They are now based in Carbonera, Italy. Dal Negro makes a superb range of quality backgammon sets and accessories. The quality is exceptional and the backgammon sets are made to last for generations.

The Dal Negro backgammon sets typically include colour-matched wooden checkers with a visibly pleasing wood grain effect. There is a convenient beige drawstring to store the checkers when not in use. There are also colour-matched dice cups for each backgammon set. The dice are finished with cream-coloured bodies and bold black spots and gold numbers on the doubling cube. Ultimately, this is very ascetically pleasing for any backgammon enthusiast, regardless of age. If you are new to the game there is also a rule book included.


In 2009, the corporation broadened its operations by venturing into manufacturing wooden toys for children. Additionally, the company secured exclusive importation rights for Lego-compatible bricks fabricated by the Polish firm Cobi and imported Engino games from Cyprus. These games are equipped with state-of-the-art features such as solar panels, high-tech gears, and levers.

Please note the main difference between the three sets below is the pattern on the lid. However, all of these sets are genuine Deluxe Backgammon sets.

Parquetry design, Dal Negro London..
Parquetry design, Dal Negro London..

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