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Aspinal of London Travel Backgammon Set

Last updated on April 20, 2024

The Aspinal of London Travel Backgammon set is crafted from Italian calf leather. The set is available in three colours red, black and brown croc imprint. The red is definitely the most striking of the colour variations, but at Deluxe Backgammon our favourite was the brown croc imprint. As it states on their website this quality backgammon set is perfect for taking a break from technology and enjoying a spot of classic fun.

Aspinal of London Travel Roll.
Aspinal of London Travel Roll.


This luxury backgammon set is manufactured from Italian calf leather with an embossed crocodile print. The leather is dyed ‘Deep Shine Amazon Brown’, which is a really rich colour with a luxuriously glossy finish. The set is secured by a strap with a delightful gold-coloured buckle. The set viewed by Deluxe Backgammon rolled out perfectly and laid flat without significant curling at the ends. The leather was pliant, but firm. The whole set feels solidly constructed and made to last a lifetime or more. The playing field consists of a cream base with brown and black inlaid points. The quality and consistency of the stitching is superb.

Aspinal Travel Roll.
Aspinal Travel Roll.


The roll is quite light, as you would expect for a travel backgammon set. We estimated that it weighed about 500g. The set rolls neatly into a small package about the size of a travel umbrella (31.75cm long x 6.3cm diameter). When rolled out it measures 31.75 x 44.5cm. The entire package would fit neatly into a suitcase or cabin luggage.


The set includes a full set of accessories, including polyester checkers and dice, plus a doubling cube. The checkers are brown and white. Normally, Deluxe Backgammon is not a fan of polyester checkers, but the brown pieces in this set have an amazing depth of colour and a mesmerising glossy texture. It really complements the brown colour of the leather. All of the checkers are a finger-dish style so they are easy to slide across the points. All of the pieces fit into the zippered compartment at the side of the board. The pieces are well-sized and weighted and well-suited for a travel backgammon set.

Aspinal Travel Accessories.
Aspinal Travel Accessories.


This quality backgammon set is a pleasure to look at and play with. The croc imprint on the leather gives the set a fabulous tactile quality. It’s an elegant and high-class piece. The craftsmanship is superb and the set is destined to last for generations. We have no hesitation in recommending this as a Deluxe Backgammon set. RRP at the time of writing is £295.

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  1. Yahn Yahn

    Amazing looking travel backgammon set. In Italian calf leather, the set is available in three colours red, black and brown croc imprint, the croc is defininitely my favourite. The polyester checkers are the only downside, but these could easliy be replaced with sustainable wooden checkers to make the perfect backgammon set.

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