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Book Review: Backgammon for Serious Players by Bill Robertie.

Last updated on April 20, 2024

Backgammon for Serious Players.
Backgammon for Serious Players.

About the author

Bill Robertie is an American backgammon, chess and poker player. He is also the author of a number of books about Backgammon. He is one of only three players to have won the World Backgammon Championship twice (1983 & 1987). Backgammon for Serious Players is the fourth book in his series. Most of his books are targeted at intermediate or advanced players.


There are millions of backgammon players out there looking for an edge to take their game to the next level. This book might just be it. Written by one of the world’s best players, Bill Robertie, Backgammon for Serious Players is an essential read for intermediate and advanced players. The book features descriptions of five championship matches between world-class players. The author explains each move in detail. He describes the options available to each player and the reasoning behind the selected move. The reader will learn what it takes to win the big games using the proven tactics of world-class players.

The book covers the all-important opening moves and replies, middle, end and back game techniques, tournament strategies and advanced doubling cube play. It also includes backgammon probabilities, unusual plays, priming strategy, essential bear-off play and a lot more. It is complicated and, as a result, probably beyond the grasp of most novices. Because of the complexity, backgammon beginners would be advised to start with something simpler, Backgammon for Dummies by Chris Bray would be ideal.


We reviewed the Kindle edition. It was easy to read and insightful. There are over 100 diagrams in the book. It was frustrating that some of the moves lacked a diagram because this broke the flow, but this is our only issue. A great book, however, It is too complicated for beginners. As a result, they would be better served by reading some of our other recommendations.

If you are an intermediate or advanced backgammon player, take a look at Backgammon for Serious Players, because this might give you the edge you are looking for. Deluxe Backgammon highly recommends this book.


  1. Sophie Sophie

    This book presents five or so high level backgammon games with commentary by Bill Robertie, one of backgammon’s finest players. Each game focuses on some strategic considerations, such as when to offer or take a double, how to play the opening rolls, how to time your back game and how to build a prime..

    I would definitely recommend Backgammon for Serious Players. However, it does lack structure in places. It almost seems as if the five backgammon games were selected at random, then the strategy behind the moves and the use of the cube were explained as necessary, rather than that these games were picked because they highlight some important strategical concepts of modern backgammon. That said, intermediate backgammon players will still learn a lot from reading Backgammon for Serious Players by Bill Robertie.

    • Jason Jason

      Hi Sophie, that is a concise review of Backgammon for Serious Players, you made some really good points. I agree Backgammon for Serious Players provides a lot of value for beginners and intermediate backgammon players. Thanks for taking the time to comment, Jason.

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