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Pickett Roll Up Backgammon set

Last updated on April 20, 2024

Deluxe Backgammon is excited to be recommending our first Pickett London backgammon travel set. Pickett is a brand which has grown over the years, but remains a proud manufacturer of luxury leather goods. This particular set is a roll up travel piece, which has been superbly handcrafted from grained Parham calf leather. The set is available in fourteen different colour combinations, far too many to list here. Our favourite colour was the black, red and white pictured below. There is also a bespoke option where you can have the set made in the colour of your choice.


As mentioned, this luxury backgammon set has been handcrafted in England from leather. Parham is a finely grained material, which is supple, but surprisingly durable. The Parham leather has been used for the base and the points, but the playing field is suede. The set is secured for travel by simple leather ties. A nice touch is the weighted leather-covered bar at the tie end to ensure the playing field remains flat whilst playing. However, the supple quality of the leather would allow the set to lay flat anyway.

Pickett travel backgammon set.
Pickett Roll Up Backgammon.


The roll is reasonably light, just as you would expect for a portable backgammon set. We estimated that it weighed about 800g. The set rolls neatly up into a small package, which is about the size of a travel umbrella (29cm long x 5cm diameter). When rolled out it measures 29cm x 35cm. As a result, the entire package would fit neatly into an overnight bag or hand luggage.


The set comes with a full set of standard acrylic dice and a doubling cube. All of the accessories can be stored in the zipped enclosure at the end of the roll. The checkers are the most amazing part of the accessories. They are nickel bound with leather tops, which is a nice combination. They are stunning and add a touch of refinement to this luxury backgammon set. The checkers also add some weight to the entire package. Individually, they are unlikely to be nudged from their position when playing, because of their weight. Apart from that, they look and feel fantastic.

Pickett travel backgammon set, checkers.
Pickett Nickel Checkers.


It is hand-made in England, superbly crafted from the finest leather and the nickel-bound checkers are amazing. This is the perfect gift for any keen backgammon player. As a result, at Deluxe Backgammon we have absolutely no hesitation in recommending the Pickett Roll Up Backgammon set. RRP £295 at the time of writing.

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  1. Paulo Paulo

    I have a Pickett roll up backgammon set. They are really good quality backgammon sets and perfect for travel. I have one with a dark playing field with soft grained Parham leather and bright pink and orange points. The nickel bound leather topped checkers are stylish and as you mention in the post have a bit of weight to them. The metal weighted end for board to lay flat, is a definite plus for a travel backgammon set. Worth every penny!

    • Jason Jason

      Hi Paulo, the nickel bound checkers are certainly a feature of the Pickett backgammons set. However, for me the best feature is the metal rod that keeps the backgammon set flat. Pickett make great backgammon sets, you can’t go wrong. At Deluxe Backgammon, we have loads of playing guides, take a look at how to improve your backgammon. Thanks for taking the time to comment, Jason.

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