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Manopoulos Hipster Backgammon set

Last updated on October 30, 2022

Deluxe Backgammon saw the eye-catching Manopoulos Hipster Backgammon set recently. It is part of the Manopoulos Creative Collection. It is a significant step away from the typically traditional designs of the quality backgammon sets we have recommended in the past. At Deluxe Backgammon we recognise the need to move with the times and accept that some people may prefer a luxury backgammon set with a more contemporary style. As a result, we decided to take a more detailed look at the Hipster Backgammon set and we liked what we saw.


The first thing you notice when you see this set is the colourful chevron pattern on the lid with the distinctive ‘hipster’ hat, glasses and moustache motif in the centre. When you open the set the chevron pattern is continued on the playing field. The ‘hipster’ motif minus the hat is present in the centre of the board. Everything about this board is eye-catching, it would be a pretty cool decorative piece to have sitting on a coffee table. The points are a little bit odd, in that the darker points are a mixture of black and red, which could create some confusion. The board also doesn’t include the standard slots for holding the checkers that have been borne off. This is an observation, not a criticism.

Manopoulos Hipster Backgammon set.
Manopoulos Hipster Backgammon set.

According to all of the online resources, the cabinet is made of laminated wood. Likewise, the playing field is simply made from a wood veneer. Manopoulos is normally quite specific about the materials it uses and how the set is made. In this instance, in the absence of additional information, we will have to make a few assumptions. There is no mention of marquetry or inlays so we will assume the playing field is printed and varnished. This is fine, it is not pretending to be something that it isn’t. The owner of this set is looking for a quality backgammon set that is modern and decorative, they are not looking for something crafted by traditional methods.


The set includes 4 plastic dice and a doubling cube. The black and white checkers are resin and nicely shaped and sized for the points. There is also a synthetic organza drawstring bag for storing all of the accessories. Finally, the set contains two faux leather dice cups. Normally, at this point, Deluxe Backgammon would begin mumbling about having all of these accessories changed for natural materials, but in this case, we are not. The accessories are all a perfect match for the look and feel of this backgammon set.

Manopoulos Hipster Backgammon set.
Manopoulos Hipster Backgammon set.


This luxury backgammon set weighs approximately 2kg. The dimensions when closed are: 7.1cm x 47.2cm x 25.2cm and when open: 3.6cm x 47.2cm x 50.3cm (H x W x D).


This quality backgammon set is quirky and different, but that is exactly what we like about it. There is a bit of a mystery about what materials have been used and how it was constructed, but Manopoulos produce quality backgammon boards and we don’t see why this one would be any different. If you are looking for a contemporary and decorative piece the Hipster Backgammon set could be a good choice. It’s also worth checking out the other luxury backgammon sets in the Manopoulos Creative Collection. RRP price at the time of writing is £129.99.


  1. Nigel Nigel

    What a great looking backgammon set from Manopoulos. I’d would love to own one.

    • Jason Jason

      Hi Nigel, the Manopoulos Hipster backgammon set is available, great looking backgammon set. You know you want one! Check out the Manopoulos backgammon website. Thanks for taking the time to comment, Jason

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