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Replacement hardwood checkers from GammonVillage.

Last updated on April 25, 2024

These rugged backgammon checkers are made from durable hardwood and are available from GammonVillage. The front of these checkers features an attractive grooved finger-dish design while the back of these checkers is smooth and flat. They are very light, which means they can be knocked out of place easily. However, the light weight is offset by the tactile wooden feel and the beautiful grain that is obvious in the timber.

Hardwood checkers.
Hardwood checkers.

The diameter of these checkers is 2.9cm and they are 0.8cm thick. This set of 30 wood backgammon checkers comes in stained brown and natural colours. There was no reference to the type of wood in the product description.

If you are looking for simple, long-lasting checkers, these wooden backgammon pieces would be just perfect for your board. They have an arts and crafts type feel about them and will undoubtedly look better with age. They are the perfect accessory for a Deluxe Backgammon set.

GammonVillage is located in Sanborn New York, just north of Buffalo. They specialise in Backgammon, Mah Jong, Dominoes, and Chess. Established in 1999, their small team design and manufacture most of the products in their online store.  


  1. Roland Roland

    Nice looking checkers. I prefer the finger dish style as they are easier to move around the backgammon board. Hardwood checkers are preferred because they are longer lasting and less likely to chip or cracked if dropped. These look like good checkers to buy if you need a replacement, just make sure you measure the width of the points on your backgammon board, the checkers should be no wider than the base of the point.

    • Jason Jason

      Hi Roland, good point, the checkers should be the same width as the base of the point, but ideally very slightly smaller ( less than a millimetre). Backgammon is already challenging enough without adding stacking issues. Thanks for taking the time to comment, Jason.

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