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Manopoulos Natural Walnut Burl and Wenge Luxury Backgammon set with Luxury Cups.

Last updated on April 20, 2024

Generally, at Deluxe Backgammon when we see a set we would like to recommend it’s in a shop, a showroom or actually in play. If we are lucky, we get to handle the set and sometimes play on it. We go away and do our research online, usually from multiple sources. We try and include the manufacturer and two or three other reputable resources. In this instance, the set was in play on one of our normal Monday evening sessions. It belonged to one of our occasional players, Roger, who was given this luxury backgammon set as a retirement present after a long career in engineering. Unfortunately, on the day the dice didn’t go our way and we didn’t get to play on it. However, Roger was kind enough to let us examine the board at the end of the evening. Roger has since moved away, so the chance of playing on this magnificent luxury backgammon set is gone. Despite it being at the premium end of the Manopolous collection, there was little detail online. We are going to fill in some gaps with assumptions in this instance.

Manopoulos Natural Walnut Burl and Wenge backgammon set.
Manopoulos – Natural Walnut Burl and Wenge.


The first thing to note is that this luxury backgammon set is stunning. Given that it is one of the more expensive Manopoulos sets, and justifiably so, it is strange that there isn’t more detail online. We will try and piece together the puzzle. We know that this is a Manopoulos hand-made luxury backgammon set constructed using marquetry to create the inlaid points. The material includes walnut burl, wenge, acacia, black oak and mother of pearl.

We are not experts on wood types, but we think the timber is used as follows. The cabinet frame and playing field are constructed using black oak. The beautiful walnut burl veneer forms the lid of the cabinet and ensures that every set is a unique work of art. The marquetry points on the playing field are inlaid using wenge and acacia. Each point has a jewelled appearance as they are outlined with an iridescent strip formed from mother of pearl. There is also diamond shaped mother of pearl inserts in the centre of the board. The set is secured with brass latches and hinges. When out of play the checkers can be stored in convenient slots at the sides of the set.

Manopoulos Natural Walnut Burl and Wenge backgammon set, brass furnishings.
Manopoulos – Natural Walnut Burl and Wenge.


According to the manufacturer’s website, the checkers in this set are mother of pearl, though we suspect these are made from mother of pearl resin. This is probably the only weak point of this set. Although, it could be argued that the material is suitable given the mother of pearl outlines on the points. We believe that a set of olive wood checkers would be more suitable because that would fit with the wooden theme. The wooden dice cups are a nice touch. Finally, as expected, a complete set of plastic dice are included.

Manopoulos Natural Walnut Burl and Wenge backgammon set, playing field and accessories.
Manopoulos – Natural Walnut Burl and Wenge.


The dimensions of this luxury backgammon set when closed are: 7.62cm x 47.24cm x29.72cm and open: 3.81cm x 47.24cm x 59.44cm (H x W x D). The set weighs in at a hefty 2.85kg and the set has a solid feel to it. You can be confident that this backgammon set will last generations.


This is a stunning luxury backgammon set crafted from quality materials. The walnut burl ensures that each set will have a unique look and feel. The build quality is superb and the decorative inlays make the playing field eye-catching. It’s an expensive piece, but worth the money if you are looking to invest in a Deluxe Backgammon set. It will give generations of pleasure and remain a visually striking decorative piece. RRP at the time of writing is £486.99.

Manufacturer’s reference:           BWV1


  1. Rajesh Rajesh

    Its a really nice looking backgammon set, the outer case has a really unique swirl in the timber. I have played on a few Manopoulos backgammon sets before and they have always been good quality. Unfortunately, it looks like the natural walnut burl backgammon set has sold out. Is there anywhere else I could find it?

    • Jason Jason

      Hi Rajesh, bwv1 is the product code, try searching on “bwv1 manopoulos backgammon” and you should find some online retailers currently stocking the board. Good luck, Jason

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