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Manopoulos Burl Patchwork Backgammon set

Last updated on April 20, 2024

It has been quite some time since we have reviewed a quality backgammon set. This is primarily due to covid restrictions of the last couple of years. At Deluxe Backgammon we always like to review our backgammon sets first hand and this has been difficult recently. In this post, we are going to take a look at another Manopoulos backgammon set, which is new to their Premium range. In this instance, it is the stunning Manopoulos Burl Patchwork backgammon set.  

Manopoulos Burl Patchwork backgammon cabinet
Manopoulos Burl Patchwork backgammon cabinet.


The first thing we noted about this quality backgammon set was the burl patchwork patterning on the outer cabinet. It gives the set an attractive rustic feel, which is in complete contrast to the polished playing field inside.  The cabinet has been handcrafted from an unspecified wood with a unique patchwork burl. According to Manopoulos, the cabinet framework is made from laminated wood. Overall, the construction feels very solid and well crafted.

This premium Manopoulos backgammon board has a detailed playing field made from palisander, with inlaid cherry wood and oak points. Palisander is more commonly known as Rosewood. The cherry and oak points have been applied using the art of marquetry. It is a handmade craft which involves inserting pieces of veneer to form decorative patterns and designs.

Manopoulos Burl Patchwork backgammon playing field
Manopoulos Burl Patchwork backgammon playing field.

When out of play the checkers can be stored in convenient slots at the sides of the set. The set has brass hinges and double latches to secure the cabinet when closed. Finally, the set lacks a handle, which might make it slightly awkward to transport from tournament to tournament.


The 30 checkers (15 white, 15 black) are acrylic with a mother of pearl effect. At 36mm, each checker is a good fit for the base of the inlaid points. The set includes two nicely turned round wooden dice cups. The wood is unspecified, but they closely match the shade of the inlaid cherry points.  A complete set of plastic dice and a doubling cube is included with the set. Finally, there is a Manopoulos-branded draw-string organza bag, made of dark velvet cloth, to store the accessories in when not in play. Everything you need is there for a competitive session of backgammon.

Manopoulos Burl Patchwork backgammon accessories
Manopoulos Burl Patchwork backgammon accessories.


The dimensions of this luxury backgammon set when closed are: 8cm x 30cm x 48cm and open: 4cm x 60cm x 60cm (H x D x W). The set weighs in at 2.8kg, including the accessories. This premium backgammon set is a perfectly suitable size for tournament or social play.


This is a premium backgammon set beautifully made by the craftsmen at Manopoulos using traditional methods. It is a full-sized set, suitable for tournament play. It has a robust construction, which is exactly what we have come to expect from Manopoulos. The build quality is excellent and it has a simple and clean design. The highly polished playing field is eye-catching. The outer cabinet patchwork gives the set an undeniably unique character. The accessories are all of good quality and suit the overall style of the set. Deluxe Backgammon has no hesitation in recommending the Burl Patchwork backgammon set from Manopoulos. RRP at the time of writing is £295.

Manufacturer’s reference:           BRQ1

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Author, Jason.


  1. Chris Chris

    Nice backgammon set. I have the Manopolous wenge with walnut burl backgammon set, which is very similar, but without the patchwork. These are really well-made backgammon sets, you can’t fault them. Keep up the good work, there is a lot of interesting material on this site. I love the playing guides, which are really helping me improve my backgammon. Thanks, Chris.

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